Faux Studio 2016

‘This series of work, and my studio installation, reflect the connection between art/life/magic/parenting that exists in my life as an artist and a single mum with a small home studio. I have used elements of conversations I have had with my daughter Frida, and also photos of things she creates and arranges around the house as the starting point for each piece and then responded to them. The only exception is ‘Home’ in which she responded to an image I created.’ JWT

In 2014 c3 launched a series of curated fundraising exhibitions to assist with the long-term sustainability of the gallery and to raise money to support artists by reducing the gallery fees and paying sales commissions. While raising money was the goal of the show, the team was keen to work with fundraising as a creative concept. 2014’s Faux Museum explored how large-scale institutions create funding opportunities through their environments and functions, while 2015’s Faux Fair presented a play on the economics of the commercial art fair. Both shows were a huge success and raised enough to reduce the exhibition costs by over a third for 2015/16. The gallery also gave 50% of the proceeds back to the artists who donated their work, adding another layer of cash support.
This year c3 presents Faux Studio, the highly anticipated third project in the series which explores the artist-led economy.
The conceptual approach to the show centres around direct access to the private world of the studio space and the classic financial model of the artist studio sale – a method employed by entrepreneurial artists the world over. This exhibition is curated by artists for artists and presents the DIY spirit that this community is known for. A selection of faux studios will be set up within c3 with various conceptual approaches towards artistic practice, offering the public a unique insight into the creative process. Faux Studio celebrates the active sustainable ethos of our artistic community and investigates issues of value, commodification, labour and funding shortfalls that many artists face throughout their careers.