Deep Thoughts in Shallow Water 2017

In Deep Thoughts in Shallow Water Tucker continues her exploration of water within landscapes as a metaphor for emotional experience. She questions the supposed empty sentimentality of kitsch landscape painting, filling her work with emotional, philosophical and existential dilemmas. As an acknowledgement of the natural home of kitsch artwork for her generation, and also of many existential dilemmas, this show includes objects from a fictional, retro styled, pub. These include upholstered furniture, ceramics and mixed media works.

Tucker believes that irony and sincerity are compatible world-views and her work is a space in which they have overlapping domains of applicability.

She overlays her fantasy worlds with sticker-like graphics and text, which represent an interruption of contemplation and dreamy nostalgia and make reference to the commodification of imagery in mass culture.


March 9th – 30th 2017, Long Division Gallery at Schoolhouse Studios, 81 Rupert Street Collingwood.

Photos by Tim Gresham.